Sue - Connecticut

 " I Love this... the first bottle I have been able to use in the seat tube position, on my compact frame"  

Paul - Great Britain

 " Didn't come loose on the cobbles...but my teeth almost did" 

Eva - Vermont


This is my story. To give you a bit of background, I am 5'3", ride a road bike. The frame is 42cm. Being such a small frame, I had trouble getting the bottle out of the cage mounted on the seat post.........   Not fun if I have a long bike ride. Oh how I wished  ..........I would have a taller bike to mount 2 cages to. 

The design of the freedom cycle system is innovative and makes it intuitive. What I mean is since the mounting system is a peg that fits into the bottom of the bottle, I don't have to look down to see if the bottle is secure in the Freedom Cycle System. Too numerous  of times I dropped the bottle because I missed the cage. And you know what that means, double back and pick up your bottle. Hopefully it wasn't munched or lost. Having a peg as the mount and a socket at the bottom of the bottle gives me the same options as someone who is 6' and a bigger frame, 2 bottles!

I love the way you can unscrew the bottom to clean out the bottle and let it dry.... No mold, no musky smells. Clean and sanitary. 

Whenever I get the opportunity to show off my bike, I do so. I am most proud of the Freedom Cycle System and my infinity seat! 

Phil - Singapore

 " the look and feel is beyond my expectations....thank you so much!" 

Ben - Clifton Hill

 "This system is a revolution.... it is so easy to use" 


Michael - New York

Received the Freedom Ease via Kickstarter. System is awesome!!

Brendan - NSW

Fantastic product, The 2 stage capture system is easy to us

Fiona - Wales

Being a small lady...I could never carry 2 bottles on my compact frame. With this system I can carry both.

Ted - Vermont

I can say that the Freedom system is a superior system to bottle/cage as it doesn’t require you to take your focus off of the road in the same way a bottle/cage system does and in addition you never have to struggle to get the bottle out. 

Jonathon - Virginia

 I pledged early on Kickstarter...and love the product