The Pin


Central to our system is our Pin. This Pin enables many improvements and allows for greater design potential with future elements.

Existing Bottle/Cage systems are floored in that the cage or holder always must be SMALLER in size than the bottle it is housing.

Our pin is almost 10 times smaller than the hole that receives it, this means it is much easier to locate and replace.


  Our patented 2 stage capture design allows the rider to lock in easy or lock in hard depending on the terrain or ride. 

It can be seen in our cross-sections the 2 steps of our pin. These form our 2 stage capture system. The step near the tip is our O-ring and is recommended for all smooth road riding. The 2nd step is a precision built in clip. This, in combination with our O-ring provides us with a much more solid hold. Recommended for Off road use.

Please note that the tension on the second stage on our Aero bottle is less than our round bottle and therefore is recommended for Smooth road use only.


Our frustoconical bottom caps are designed for easy and safer use.

Freedom Ease


 Easy to locate due to the frustoconical ( having the shape of a cone ) opening on our bottom cap. Freedom Ease can also be used on any compact frames as it can be easily removed laterally once released. 

Treadmill Review

At FCS we believe in rider safety...this includes hygiene. A recent study conducted by Treadmill reviews highlighted significant bacterial levels in cycle bottles. All FCS drink bottles can be easily dismantled and cleaned reducing the risk to you.

Freedom Fast


 Think no cage...think aerodynamic...think dimpled and you have freedom fast. Removable top and bottom cap to keep it clean and of course interchanges with the Fix and the Ease 


They Look Great

Finally a bottle or system that matches modern frame Geometry. They not only offer far less wind resistance. They look great on the eye.

Freedom Fix


 A toolbox that is easy to access...a toolbox that opens at each end, granting easy access... A toolbox that can be used to carry anything you value (maybe not your children) and a toolbox that is aerodynamic and looks great. You be the Judge 



One mounting system, many applications.