Q / What is wrong with the existing bottle system?


A/ There are many embedded problems with the existing system. By design the current bottle needs to be bigger than the holder, so it is held firm. This generally means it is either difficult to replace or remove, or both. The bottle is constantly scratched, due to the action of the cage and the current cage can only ever carry a round bottle.

Retailers will say “what is wrong with the bottles we currently use”. People also said there was nothing wrong with the Nokia phone…6 months before the first i-phone was released.

Q/ What if I lose my bottle?

 A/ Buy another one! All retailers that sell our system will also have stocks of bottles. 

Q/ Can I ride with the bottle just sitting on the first stage?

 A/ In most cases, absolutely YES! The design is very similar to socks that stay up. Gravity will encourage the bottle down on the tapered pin…the rubber O-Ring will prevent it from coming up. This is ideal for everyone, especially ladies and children. For mountain, cross country or downhill we suggest using the round bottle only and both stages of the capture system. 

Q/ What does the system weigh?

 A/ Our Mounting Pin weighs 37 grams and bottles weigh 113 grams making a total of 150 grams  

Q/ Does the FCS comply with UCI regulations?

A/ Yes

Q/ I have an older bike....will the sytem fit on this?

 A/ Our system will retro fit on almost any bike that has been made in the last 50 years. If in doubt take your bike to your nearest stockist and they will assist.