About Us

Innovation that works!


The humble bicycle is the World's most energy efficient form of transport. It has largely remained the same in shape and form for the last 100 years.

Of course some things have altered. Weight and frame design, wheels, groupsets, handlebars and much more.This is all possible due to refined design tools advanced techniques and access to stronger and lighter fabrics.


The time for innovation with hydration is here…. Alternate shaped bottles. Bottles, that are frame matched. Bottles that are colour matched and also alternate uses for where our bottles are traditionally mounted.

The Freedom Cycle System can offer designers the Freedom to think outside the circle when considering Hydration.



  • Revolutionary – The freedom System changes the way we think! We now put our bottle on a pin. It is a much easier to Remove, Locate and Replace.

  • Safer – It’s easier therefore it’s safer. The receiving hole on our bottle is 10 times larger than the pin it is mounting on. Keep your eyes on the road, not on the bottle.

  • Looks Great – No cage, means no damaged bottles and a clean uncluttered look.

  • Hygienic – All our bottles have a removable top and bottom cap. Easy to clean.

  • Versatile – On our pin you can carry anything. A Toolbox, a 1st aid kit, a Fuel Dispenser or a Lunchbox in fact anything can mount on our pin .

  • Fast – Our Freedom System has been Wind Tunnel tested. These tests demonstrated an almost 17 second advantage over leading caged bottle designs .

  • Award Winning – In 2012 this Cycle System earnt the highest honor in 4 categories at the prestigious Bendigo Inventor Awards. In the same year it was a finalist at the Sydney Design Awards.

Future Elements


Freedom Fuel

Freedom Fuel is a rubber topped Gel or Fuel dispenser. Available soon.


Freedom Carry

Still at the concept stage. The Freedom carry can quickly turn your Time Trial machine into your ride to work vehicle.


Freedom Fix Aero

Freedom Fix Aero (concept). Looks great, opens like a suitcase for easy access. Available late 2020.

Freedom First Aid

First aid kit for cyclists.

Freedom Kids

A bottle that fits a child's hand....now thats a good idea!!